Terms and Conditions


Employers must provide complete contact information, including first and last name, when registering for Punjab Youth Internship Program’s portal or your registration will be rejected. Employers are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of employer information, contact name and address, as well as all information in job descriptions. A valid e-mail address and phone number are mandatory to communicate directly with the employer contact(s). Employer is responsible for the nominate a focal person on its behalf. All internship postings must include a complete description of the type of work involved.
Employer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and you agree to accept responsibilities for all activities that occur under your account and Password. You acknowledge that you / your organization are responsible for third party access of your account that result of theft / misuse of information or misappropriation of your account.

Username and Password

The employer contact person / Focal person is responsible for the distribution and use of his/her Pypb.punjab.gov.pk username and password, as well as its use and misuse.


Results of resume searches and interview schedules are not guaranteed. Results may vary depending on several factors, including interns’ participation.

Intern Data

Intern information accessed by employers is to be used solely by that employer and must not be sold / misuse.

Terms of Termination

This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the Service and / or are a Member. You may get your account terminated at any time, for any reason, upon receipt by Portal Management of Your written or email notice of termination. Either You or We may block or terminate your account, for any reason, with or without explanation, effective upon sending written or email notice to the other party. Even after the account is blocked / terminated, this Agreement will remain in effect.

Your account maybe blocked/terminated if

  1. Require fees to becoming intern of the Organization.
  2. You misuse the service/data received by you from our database in any way.
  3. We receive multiple complaints against you from other users of the website / Portal.
  4. You do not agree on following the policies regarding your online data posting on our website. These may be communicated to you by our focal Person, Support Team or any other employee who is eligible to provide you information about the website.
  5. You try to misbehave, threaten or harass any of our employees you might be in contact with, generally or specifically, directly or indirectly.
  6. Incorrect or misleading information has been provided.
  7. Found fake information regarding your employer status / NTN No. / GST No. / Registration No for Chamber of commerce / Attached bodies / Agencies.
  8. Misuse of Interns’ data. (All information about interns and employer is a property of Govt. of the Punjab)
  9. Trying to create direct relationship with interns.
  10. Giving any kind of extra favor to the interns which cause any fraud.
  11. The employment opportunity is considered by us to not represent a viable work opportunity for the interns.
  12. Found complaints for Interns / Govt. Focal persons regarding unethical recruitment policies / processes.
  13. Organization belongs to outside of Punjab / tries to place interns outside of Punjab Province.
  14. Employment that would involve the work to take place at the private residence of the employer (i.e. caregiver, tutor, landscaping, care attendant etc.)
  15. Be found Third party Agency / Company i.e. Temporary Company, Tem-to-hire Agency etc.
  16. Found miss use of Government Money (Stipend) through Interns.